Our Salon Services

From rejuvenating facials to transformative hair makeovers, experience beauty expertise in every service offered.

Hair Coloring

Transform your tresses at Petals with our expert hair coloring services.

From radiant highlights to deep, lustrous hues, our professional colorists blend artistry with precision to achieve your desired shade.

Using high-quality, damage-minimizing products, we ensure vibrant results that not only complement but elevate your natural beauty.

Revitalize your locks with Petals’ Keratin Treatment.

Expertly designed to smoothen and strengthen, our treatment infuses hair with natural proteins, taming frizz and imparting a silky, lustrous sheen.

Witness a transformative blend of care and science, ensuring your hair remains effortlessly manageable and radiantly healthy.

Deep Conditioning Therapy

Rejuvenate your hair with Petals’ Deep Conditioning Therapy.

Tailored to combat dryness and breakage, our intensive treatment penetrates hair strands, replenishing essential moisture and nutrients.

Experience the magic of deep nourishment, leaving your hair soft, shiny, and revitalized, ready to face the elements with renewed strength.

Bridal Makeup

Embrace your special day with Petals’ Bridal Makeup service.

Our seasoned artists, attuned to contemporary and classic trends, curate looks that reflect your unique essence.

Using premium products that ensure longevity and a radiant finish, we bring out your inner glow, ensuring you shine brilliantly on your momentous occasion.

Evening/Formal Makeup

Step into the spotlight with Petals’ Evening/Formal Makeup service.

Perfect for galas, dinners, or corporate events, our artists craft sophisticated looks that merge elegance with allure.

Using a palette of premium products, we enhance your features, ensuring you emanate confidence and grace at every sophisticated soirée.

Manicures & Pedicures

Experience hand and foot pampering at its finest with Petals’ Manicures & Pedicures.

Our skilled technicians employ meticulous techniques to shape, polish, and rejuvenate, ensuring your fingers and toes look pristine.

Infused with hydrating treatments and a touch of luxury, our services promise relaxation and a dash of elegance.

Facial Treatments

Indulge in a rejuvenating experience with Petals’ Facial Treatments.

Our therapeutic sessions, designed for varied skin types, delve deep to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish.

Harnessing the power of advanced techniques and premium products, we ensure you leave with a refreshed complexion, radiating health and natural beauty.

Men's Grooming & Shave

Step into refined masculinity with Petals’ Men’s Grooming & Shave services. Tailored for the modern gentleman, our experts blend traditional techniques with contemporary style.

Whether it’s a precision cut, a smooth shave, or beard shaping, we ensure you leave looking polished, feeling refreshed, and exuding confidence.

Scalp Treatments

Nourish your roots with Petals’ Scalp Treatments. Specially formulated to address varied scalp concerns, our therapeutic sessions aim to balance, revitalize, and soothe.

With a focus on deep cleansing and rejuvenation, we employ specialized products and massage techniques, paving the way for healthier hair growth and a refreshed scalp.

Body Massages

Immerse yourself in sheer relaxation with Petals’ Body Massages. Our seasoned therapists employ a blend of traditional and modern techniques, targeting stress points and promoting holistic well-being.

Drift into tranquility as we soothe muscles, enhance circulation, and restore balance, leaving you rejuvenated and enveloped in a serene calm.

Hair Straightening / Rebounding

Unleash sleek sophistication with Petals’ Hair Straightening/Rebounding services. Utilizing advanced techniques and premium products, our experts transform wavy or curly tresses into smooth, straight strands.

The result? A lasting, frizz-free look that’s not only stunning but also infused with health, shine, and a touch of elegance.

Skin Exfoliation & Polishing

Reveal radiant skin with Petals’ Skin Exfoliation & Polishing. Our specialized treatments slough away dead skin cells, unveiling a smoother, brighter complexion beneath.

Using premium products and expert techniques, we ensure thorough exfoliation, promoting skin renewal and leaving you with a refreshed, glowing appearance.

Hair Spa Treatments

Rediscover hair vitality with Petals’ Hair Spa Treatments. Designed to deeply nourish and repair, our treatments infuse strands with hydration and essential nutrients.

Coupled with therapeutic massage, we address hair concerns from root to tip, ensuring you leave with tresses that are lustrous, strong, and full of life.

Waxing Services

Experience smooth, hair-free skin with Petals’ Waxing Services. Employing meticulous techniques and high-quality products, we ensure efficient hair removal with minimal discomfort.

Suitable for various body parts, our services prioritize hygiene and precision, leaving your skin soft, silky, and impeccably groomed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about our Petals Family Salon  Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of hair styling services, from classic cuts and trims to modern styles, coloring, curling, straightening, and updos tailored for special occasions.

While we always strive to accommodate our valued clients, we recommend booking an appointment in advance to guarantee your desired slot. Walk-ins are welcome based on availability.

Absolutely! We offer complimentary consultations to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring you receive a service that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Yes, we prioritize the use of cruelty-free products, and many of our offerings are suitable for sensitive skin. Please let our stylists know of any skin concerns, and we’ll ensure your comfort.

Yes, we specialize in bridal makeovers and provide customized packages for weddings and other special events. Please contact us for detailed information and bookings.

Transform today! Experience unparalleled beauty services at Petals.