20 years on 2024

Petals Family Salon, nestled in Kolkata’s Bangur Avenue, has been redefining beauty since 2005. Renowned for impeccable services ranging from intricate bridal makeovers to transformative haircuts, our skilled professionals cater to all family members.

Experience top-tier pampering in a warm ambiance, making every visit a cherished memory.

Our Mission

Petals Family Salon’s mission is to provide unparalleled beauty and grooming services that uplift and rejuvenate our clientele.

We aim to foster a family-friendly environment where every member feels valued, ensuring they leave with added confidence and a smile. Passion, artistry, and commitment drive our pursuit of excellence.

Our Awards

At Petals Family Salon, we are honored to be recognized for our dedication to beauty and client satisfaction. Among our accolades are the Kolkata Beauty Excellence Award and the prestigious City of Joy Salon of the Year.

These awards underscore our commitment to expert craftsmanship and exceptional service, validating our reputation as a leader in Kolkata’s beauty industry. Our eco-friendly practices have also earned us the Eco-Friendly Salon of Kolkata Award, making us a holistic beauty destination

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